New Books!!!

So, as I mentioned in my last post I already had dozens of books to finish reading. But guess what I did? Instead of reading the dozens of books, I just added two more to the list. And I finished those two… Talk about being tardy and on time.

So anyway, the books that I started was the ones pretty hyped recently. One being Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (being a Potter fan since infancy :P)

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and the other rather famous (maybe infamous among some) is … drum rolls …

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Thirteen Reasons Why. So I just wanted to get the feel of this book and really wanted to know what is all this hype around this book. I am relatively new to this YA genre in books, so I thought why not give it a try (I am always up for trying new things).

Unfortunately, both of them turned out to be disappointments, albeit small.

The first book was totally not what I had expected. All that melodrama in a Harry Potter book. Probably it is a sign that I have grown up. Totally predictable and sloppy story line. Above all, the book is written in a dialogue form for theater just makes it a waste of time for me. I would recommend this book only to die hard HP fans only.

And now, the much hyped, recently turned into television series, Thirteen Reasons Why. Well those thirteen reasons according to me were not enough to justify the suicide of the main girl character. Maybe it was just trying to show how weak some people are that they will blow over in only a mediocre storm. Trust me when I say this, she was absolutely weak and tbh unlikable character. However, I heard that the producers have made some enhancements in the series, so I guess I might me seeing that if I ever feel like it.

On the other front, I have progressed with The Fountainhead, but it is sooooo boring. It is really difficult to continue with it without dozing off. The story was pretty interesting in the beginning but it is just dragging now, what with the perspectives of all (literally all) the characters. Still I will try and continue it as books are my savior, however boring some may be. You can just transport in some other world, some other life when your life becomes a tad too monotonous.


Reading multiple books at the same time…

It feels like you are trying to juggle many things at the same time, there is always fear that something will fall. Similarly, there is always a fear that when much time has passed and its turn has not yet come, I will unknowingly drop the book.

But such has been my dilemma nowadays. My mind has been wandering lately and begging me for a short break from work that books, which are my ticket to another world are not able to seize my attention the way it used to be.

Writing for me puts things into perspective. Everyone needs a medium to vent their emotions and for me the medium is writing. I write so that I can understand myself better. Sometimes you don’t say certain things out loud but it easier to write them down.

Any who, here is the list of books I am currently reading and I really hope that I finish all of them this year, to say the least.

  1. The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand
  2. Quiet by Susan Cain
  3. The Gene by Dr. Siddharth Mukherjee
  4. The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy
  5. Yes Please! by Amy Poehler
  6. The Waves by Virginia Woolf

PS. Upcoming mini vacation. Yayy for my parents for planning this. You see, parents always know what their kid wants! Thank you!!


It’s me, Anulekha. Welcome to my blog.

Placeholder ImageI am new to this blog business. Earlier IĀ used to maintain a diary, but nowadays who has time to actually take out a pen and a paper and jot down in it.

So I thought I will give this blogging thing a try.

My blog is named wandering kinds because I have a wandering mind. Neither me nor my mind is able to stay at one place for a long time. I might be physically present at one place but mentally I might be enjoying quite a view in the Nilgiri hills or some place equally awe inspiring.

I wish I could travel physically so much as well, but frankly speaking, I am scared of traveling alone. But still I want to give it a try. I want to cover as many places as possible with the small feet (and small budget) that I have.

I want to learn new things but most importantly I want to learn to live freely without being scared. I wish I was a little more free from the bounds that I have created for myself.

Well it is never too late. You still have half of your life left to live. Let us start a new adventure and fall in love with life again.